Thank you Dawlé

*Dawlé: a word meaning a state in each part of the world, a word that lost its meaning in the democratic republic of Lebanon. 
Over the past few weeks, the citizens of my country are protesting against the corrupted politicians in the Dawlé and against the policies adopted (or not) for an ever lasting solution for the problems. 

Thank you Dawlé for not being able to find a solution for your own shit, for your own garbage. Needless to say that our garbage problem is linked to political consensus; the same applies for electricity and water shortage. 

Thank you Dawlé for making all my surrounding aiming to leave the country. ‘Je me casse d’ici’. ‘Ana félel’. ‘I’m leaving this country’ is what I’m constantly hearing for the past couple of weeks, for the past couple of years. 

Thank you Dawlé for making us fear you, for destructing the people’s hope for a better country. 

Thank you Dawlé for protecting your ministries, parliament and public administrations from us, your citizens, the reason of your existence and your continuity. 

Thank you Dawlé for controlling our access to the public spaces that are left in a country which spaces are privatized by the day. 
Thank you Dawlé for arresting the wrong people at the wrong time and for appointing the wrong people at the wrong places. 

Thank you Dawlé for making us hate the hell out of you: you stink, you badly stink.

Most of all, thank you Dawlé for finally pushing us ask for our own rights, for raising awareness by your lack of action on citizenship, for forcing us to go on the streets to protest, manifest and never give up.

Liberate your unlawfully detained citizens, clean your shit, recycle your wanted items and produce a better you, a Dawlé of law and order. 


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